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POLY Ink 412K Black Solvent Print Cartridge

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POLY Ink 412K is higher optical density, black solvent ink with improved adhesion on non-porous substrates. The POLY Ink 412K provides good print stability for continuous printing at lower speed range. Formulated to have good throw distance (up to 5 mm) and fast dry time (2-3 seconds) for non-porous substrates such as OPP, PP, PET, PE, Aluminum, Blister Foil, Paper, Aqueous Varnish Coat, Gravure Print Surface, Rubber, and Glass. POLY Ink 412K is designed for improved optical density, adhesion and printing stability at lower speed range to increase penetration into continuous ink jet (CIJ) industrial printing applications on semi-porous and non-porous substrates.

Key Features

Higher Optical Density Improved adhesion on non-porous substrates Stable continuous printing at low speed range Longer throw distance Longer shelf life