About us

Who we are

Like many businesses, XYCode was founded because of frustration. My name is Sean Williams - I started XYCode, but before that I ran a consumer packaged goods manufacturing facility for six years.

I had an (ir)rational frustration with existing coding solutions on the market. Our CIJ printer's user interface belonged in the 90s, and our TIJ printer would often struggle to keep up with our production speed.

When that endeavor ran it's course, I knew exactly how I could help other small business owners make their operations more efficient and most importantly, less frustrating.

On a whole, XYCode's mission is simple: make product coding as easy and intuitive as using your phone.

Over 50 Years of Coding Experience

XYCode is a newcomer to the product coding space in name only - it's leader ship team has decades of combined experience in the coding technology industry.

With an in house development team, we have the ability to continually test and refine our hardware and provide real-time feedback on how to optimize your production.

It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.

- Clive James