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Minimize Failure Points in Your Packaging Line.

In any production process, the greatest enemy to output is total line shut down due to a critical process failure. Continuous InkJet (CIJ) printers are a legacy technology that is prone to multiple modes of failure both from regular operation, improper maintenance, or general line shut downs.


Next Gen Thermal InkJet technology embedded in every XYCode product eliminates all common failure modes of CIJ printers. Nearly any issue with a Next Gen Thermal InkJet printer such as the Durajet E900 can be resolved in less than 5 minutes with a new ink cartridge.

Durajet Next Gen TIJ Technology vs. CIJ

Fixed Cost 

Durajet E900

The Durajet E900 is remarkably affordable. A single printhead installation is only a small fraction of the price of a competing CIJ style printer, yet in nearly any circumstance is just as, if not more capable!

Typical CIJ System

Single line CIJ systems are costly to set up - up to $10,000 alone for the unit itself, along with investments in training to bring line workers up to speed make CIJ implementation very expensive.

Operating Cost

Durajet E900

TIJ printer systems like Durajet E900 lower your operating costs. The lack of maintenance costs, service contracts, and solvent tanks mean the total cost per print is drastically lower. Ask us and we can show you first hand!

Typical CIJ System

Bulk ink tanks and continuously circulating solvent mean that even in a perfect environment a CIJ system is lossy. Plus, the need for routine and unexpected maintenance is a huge unseen cost item for unfamiliar plant engineers. CIJ manufacturers often recommend clients buy a spare printer for when their primary printer is down!


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Printhead Assembly for Durajet E700 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Rugged Printhead Assembly

Thanks to our Next Gen Thermal InkJet Technology, changing cartridges is the only maintenance your E900 will ever need. For that reason, we engineered our cartridge stall to stand up to even the most rigorous production demands.

Optex Optical Sensor for DuraJet E700

Any product that needs a manual is broken.

- Elon Musk

Durajet E700 Mounting Brackets
Optical Sensor for TIJ Batch Coding Printer
Data Point Info


7-inch color LED touchscreen

Print Engine Technology

Thermal InkJet

Available Languages

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Data Supported

Alphanumeric, date/time, batch code, shift code, Logo,

counter, linear barcode, 2D barcode

Fonts Supported

Windows font, True Type Font, Logo (BMP/PMG/JPEG), barcode,

2D barcode


Alarm, Ink Low, Print, On/Off





Printing Orientation

Sideway or downward

Ink Portfolio

Aqueous and solvent inks


Porous, semi-porous, and non-porous substrates

Printing Distance

Max gap between nozzles and substrate is 6 mm

Message Height

Up to 12.7 mm or 0.5 inch (selectable font sizes)

Message Length

20 inch, extendable

Memory Capacity

20 GB

External I/O

Standard USB Host, DB9 (Serial port)


Temp: 5 – 40 C; Humidity: 10-80%

EMI Compliance

EN55011:2009+A1:2010, EN61326:2013, EN61000-3-2:2014,


Power Supply

110 V – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Rating

<60 Watts

Printing Resolution/Speed

300 X 150 DPI up to 120 m/sec

300 X 300 DPI up to 60 m/sec

300 X 150 DPI up to 30 m/sec


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