Durajet E900 - Barcode and Datecode Printer

No Breakdowns. Fast Setup.


Date coding just got easy.

Proven Results, Worldwide

Hundreds of plant engineers agree - DURAJET E900 is simple, affordable and reliable. Over 2,000 units operating across the globe.

0 Maintenance

Durajet E900 doesn't break down like continuous inkjet printers. Say goodbye to maintenance contracts.

So Easy to Use

Set up and start printing in 30 minutes or less.

Our Inks Stick

Glass, metal, PET and any plastic under the sun. We have an ink for your application.

We make date coding easy.

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VIDEO: Date code printed to Hot Sauce Bottles

VIDEO: Printing code on Separate Panels

VIDEO: Date code printing on Glass Bottles

VIDEO: Case coding 4 line message on corrugated

Why DURAJET E900 is right for your business.

Date coding, batch coding, case coding, and product marking is often an afterthought for most plant engineers. Whether it be for egg packing, co-packers, consumer packaged goods facilities or pharmaceutical, the array of choices is overwhelming. As a consequence, many business drastically overpay for CIJ (continuous inkjet) date code printers. This is a problem, because in the vast majority of manufacturing environments, thermal inkjet date coders like the E900 are the optimal solution.

Whether it be high speed coding of a food item or placing information on a case pack, Durajet E900 can meet these marking challenges with ease. The system can be set up by an unfamiliar plant tech in less than 30 minutes and the system requires absolutely no maintenance. The software system lends itself to quickly and efficiently creating custom messages and even graphics.

Continuous Inkjet Printers: A Costly Mistake

The biggest shortcoming of continuous inkjet printing machines is maintenance - the devices are complex and can fail for a myriad of reasons. It should come as no surprise that CIJ printer manufacturers happily sell new clients expensive maintenance contracts for new installations. With DURAJET E900, maintenance contracts are a thing of the past - our printer is supremely reliable and should it fail, we stand by our product and will make sure that your production line is never left hanging.