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Best Date Code Printers

2022 Plant Mangers Choice

By: Sean Williams - Founder BGW Mfg, XYCode USA

Best Date Code Printer 2022 - Introduction

So you've found yourself looking for a date coder and you don't know where to start. Understandable - there are seemingly limitless choices and it's hard to know what'll work for you. Before we start, there's one thing you need to know: batch code printer manufacturers purposely obsfucate points of difference so they can charge more. Who'd have thought!

There are two primary technologies for date coders that rely on ink deposition: continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers and thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers. We won't dive too deep into the technicals, but thermal inkjet printers are the "relative" new kids on the block. Like a photo printer, they use standardized cartridges with an integrated print head to fire ink directly onto the target. They are a closed system with no moving parts, so they setup quickly and are typically very easy to use. And perhaps their greatest feature is that the do not require maintenance - in the rare case that there's an issue, it can always be fixed by swapping an ink cartridge.

Continuous inkjet printers on the other hand have been a mainstay coding solution for decades. You may have even operated one. They can be identified on a code by their characteristic dot matrix marking pattern. These printers are typically extremely expensive and require routine maintenance. They are ideally suited for extremely high speed production environments where the distance between printhead and target area is high, i.e., the bottom of an aluminum beverage can. If you're coding on products that have extreme surface height variability (> 5mm) you'll definitely want to look at a CIJ solution.

continuous inkjet printer marking on aluminum can

Best TIJ Date Code Printer - DURAJET E900

If you want a date code printer that can be set up quick and run hassle free for years to come, look no further that DURAJET E900.

The best thing about E900 is that it is so easy to set up and use. No need for a service contractor - the average maintenance engineer can get the system up and printing in 30 minutes or less.

And when it comes to using E900, it could not be more easy. The user interface and touch screen makes the task of created date codes, lot codes, and best before dates as simple as using your smartphone. The adaptable interface can also be used to create barcodes, QR codes, and counters too.

The E900 is ideally suited for nearly any production line. Outside of aluminum beverage cans where the target surface is concave, the next gen thermal inkjet technology can easly code to substrates such as cardboard, paper, metal, pulp cartons, and a wide variety of plastics such as PET and HDPE.

If your production line allows for controlled product placement - i.e., you can consistently line the product up with the print head at the same distance - then the DURAJET E900 is a perfect low cost solution to your date coding needs.

And above all else, the DURAJET E900 is 100% maintenance free.

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