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RIO Ink 402K Black Hybrid Aqueous Print Cartridge

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RIO Ink 402K is a high optical density, black hybrid aqueous ink. The RIO Ink 402K provides excellent lightfastness and water resistance while maintaining exceptional decap time for intermittent printing. Formulated to have supeRIOr resolution and sharpness to enable barcode readability on porous and semi-porous substrates such as corrugated boxes, coated paper, wood, craft paper, uncoated paper, tickets, et al. RIO Ink 402K is designed for high speed, high resolution printing in demanding industrial printing applications from box coding, product date/batch codes, bar codes, QR codes to logos enabling product identification and track-n-trace. The RIO Ink 402K is the BEST performing aqueous ink in the industrial printing market.

Key Features

  • High optical density ink formulation
  • Print on porous and semi-porous substrates
  • Good waterproof
  • Great decap time
  • High performance aqueous ink for industrial printing market