Simple Maintenance for Thermal Inkjet Cartridges


Some people find it difficult to decide between a thermal ink jet cartridge and other types of printer ink. Thermal ink jet systems are more energy efficient, but they do require maintenance that others do not. If you're considering buying a thermal ink jet system but don't know how much maintenance is involved, this article will help answer questions about what sort of maintenance needs to be done on these systems.

The ink jet cartridge nozzles can get clogged if the cartridge is not used for a few days.

A common problem with thermal inkjet cartridges is nozzle clogging. This can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Not using the cartridge for several days. The ink in the printhead nozzle will dry up and become less effective if it’s not used often enough.

  • Low energy substrates, such as plastic and film instead of porous substrates. These substrates have different surface energy and textures which can cause the ink to bead up on top of them rather than flowing smoothly through the nozzles in your printer’s printheads.

It is good practice to "cap" the cartridges when they are not being used.

It is good practice to "cap" the cartridges when they are not being used. This keeps them from drying out, which can damage the printhead, clog it and cause it to stop working. Capping also prevents air from getting into the cartridge, which can dry out ink and block nozzles in the printhead.

Capping the thermal ink jet cartridges can be done in several ways.

The first step in capping the thermal ink jet cartridge is to choose a cap that is designed for the cartridge. The next step is to choose a cap that is designed for your specific brand of thermal ink jet cartridges.

After this, you should consider choosing a cap that was specifically designed for your model number of thermal ink jet cartridges. Then, you should select one that was manufactured by your manufacturer's name brand company.

Thermal ink jet cartridges should be capped when they won't be used for a while

You should always cap your thermal ink jet cartridges when they won't be used for a while, as it's a good practice to protect the printhead and keep air from getting into the cartridge. Capping also helps to prevent drying out. If all of this sounds complicated, don't fret; we've got a simple guide on how you can cap your printer cartridges safely so that they last longer.

  • Make sure that any printing that needs done has been completed, as well as all cleaning procedures such as flushing or priming (for more information about these processes, check out our other article on maintenance).

  • Place one hand on top of the cartridge and use the other hand to hold onto its end (where there are nozzles), being careful not to touch any parts of either side where ink is present because it may stain your skin or clothing if left there long enough!


As you can see, there are a variety of ways to cap your thermal ink jet cartridges. By following these tips, it is easy to keep your printer clean and working properly.  Contact us at XYCode for a free consultation on your packaging printing need.

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